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Birds of a feather flock together, or at least this nest of three high-gloss tables do. These represent the ultimate synergy of pragmatism and elegance, so they can be ideal solutions within the modern home. This universal nature is therefore perfectly suited for nearly any room. Whether employed as an additional table next to the kitchen counter or as an end table for the bedroom, their flexibility cannot be denied. Like many of the other products offered solely through Chic Paradis, these pieces are accentuated by the use of a high-gloss white top.

A Bit of Warmth Within the Home

One of the possible drawbacks sometimes associated with generic high-gloss furniture is that its outer appearance can lend a slightly "cold" feel to a room. Thankfully, the designers at Orb have circumvented this concern with the use of solid bamboo legs. Not only are these foundations sturdy and lightweight, but they perfectly applaud the purist form exhibited in the upper white high-gloss tops. Let's also not forget to mention that these tables can be stored atop one another when not in use. This is an added convenience if excess interior space happens to be an issue within your home.

All Sizes at Your Disposal

The small table is 40 centimetres high, the medium-sized table is 50 centimetres high and the large piece measures 55 centimetres. Not only does this signify that they will satisfy a milieu of requirements, but they can also be paired with other pieces by Orb such as a modern coffee table. The high-gloss experts at Chic Paradis have your desires in mind, so be sure to examine this item and to place your order today.

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25 May 2018 09:30:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

Believing in Bold Beauty at the Bedside

Storage is always an issue within the modern home. Unfortunately, many consumers are forced to make a choice between style and quality. Chic Paradis has always aimed to provide truly original pieces at amenable prices. One shining examine of this approach can be seen in our high-gloss white bedside chests. As this chest is equipped with two drawers, storing everyday items such as perfume, jewellery and clothing will not present an issue. Thanks to a depth of 45 centimetres, these units are deceptively accommodating in regards to their interior space. However, the true majesty associated with this item involves its seamless appearance.

Harmonious and Coherent

Although there is indeed nothing wrong with a piece of ornate furniture, it is an undeniable fact that there is something entirely special about the simplistic design of this chest. The artisans at Prescilla have gone to great lengths during the manufacturing process in order to ensure a uniform and "soft" appearance. Rounded corners serve to enhance such a flawless nature. As the faces of the drawers are carved from a single piece, the entire design is perfectly tied together. A durable black glass top helps to add a bit of contrast to the piece and this will certainly not go unnoticed by anyone who is a fan of high-gloss furniture.

Your Choices and Preferences

Although this two-drawer bedside chest functions perfectly on its own, it can always be combined with other pieces manufactured by Prescilla. Options include chests of different sizes or even a 1.8-metre entertainment centre. If you would like to order yours today or to speak with the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis, please contact us as soon as possible.

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21 May 2018 09:30:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

Why should enjoying a few tasty snacks from time to time represent a boring and mundane activity? This high-gloss bowl designed by McGee is the perfect addition for anyone who hopes to serve up tempting treats in style. Its high-gloss finish is combined with a human-shaped handle; offering what can only be called an entirely unique appeal. Another great aspect of this accessory is that it can be used within nearly any environment. Family gatherings, holiday celebrations or a casual evening with a group of friends are some situations which can be addressed by this serving bowl.

Unconventional Chrome-Plated Beauty

While the term "quirky" could be one word to describe the allure of this piece, it hardly suffices to capture its beauty. The use of high-gloss chrome plating naturally catches the attention of the viewer; allowing the item to easily be used as a centrepiece. Another lesser-known fact about this bowl is that it is available in three different sizes (small, medium and large). It is therefore suited for a variety of needs. The bowl can house legumes, fruits, candy treats and any finger-sized food. It is also a great addition within an entire serving set. Notwithstanding the scintillating nature of this McGee bowl, it is also designed to last.

Why Choose Chic Paradis?

If you are looking for smart and sophisticated accessories with an edgy appearance, Chic Paradis is your go-to source. Please keep in mind that like many of the other pieces within our inventory, this McGee serving bowl can be paired with complimentary items. Our high-gloss furniture specialists are here at your disposal, so we are always available for any questions. Order yours today, as this item will take up to two weeks for delivery.

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7 May 2018 09:30:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

Much like "Old Blue Eyes" himself, this Sinatra high-gloss grey vanity exhibits a second-to-none sense of class and sophistication. However, you will not have to possess the fame of a celebrity to enjoy what is in store. This unit is muted in appearance and yet, it is highly versatile. Its simulated wood finish offers up an interesting organic appeal and the use of neutral tones signifies that the vanity will not clash with nearby items. Built for the user who is not willing to sacrifice comfort or style, this table is as beautiful as it is functional.

Ample Storage Space and More

Chic Paradis has always offered items which are able to display a synergy of design and aesthetic appeal. Although this unit may appear slightly minimalist from the exterior, there is no doubt that its interior space will provide you with plenty of storage room. Two side compartments separated by a shelf and a folding mirror found on top of the unit are all perfect if you happen to be dealing with a limited amount of space. In fact, the mirrored vanity can double as a table when it is hidden. A final innovative feature is that the bench can be neatly tucked away within the base of the unit. The designers of this piece have undoubtedly put a great deal of thought into its configuration and this very same attention to detail will translate to the end user.

The Power of Coordination

It is always possible to mix and match this vanity set with other products offered by Sinatra such as bedside tables, dressers and even double beds. Please contact the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis if you hope to learn more or to place your order today.

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30 Apr 2018 09:30:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

Although there is no doubt that the modern kitchen is equipped with a host of innovative amenities, the traditional allure of the mortar and pestle has certainly not dulled over the years. Not only will this device provide a truly hands-on feel when preparing meals, but its organic nature offers up a sense of personality that might otherwise have been lost within a contemporary cooking environment. This chrome-plated mortar and pestle combination boasts an age-old feel and yet, it has been designed to meet the highest of standards.

A Truly Elemental Blend

Ancient mortars and pestles were normally formed from stones such as granite. Users will be pleased to know that this very same material has been used within the base. However, a modern twist can now be seen in the chrome-plated solid brass pestle. This visual balance between the traditional and the modern offer up a flavour that provides a classy touch to any kitchen. The glossy black finish of the mortar is accentuated by the glistening chrome pestle and interestingly enough, this piece has been shaped into the form of a human (perhaps alluding to the timeless roots of the tool itself).

Suitable for Any Occasion

This mortar and pestle represents the perfect gift for nearly any event imaginable. Homecomings, a new renovation or simply a birthday are a few examples to keep in mind. A smooth and polished finish will help to capture the natural light within the environment and naturally, only quality materials have been used.

To order yours today or to learn about your shipping options, please contact a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis.

Take a look.

23 Apr 2018 09:30:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

The Style is Here

Have you been looking for a dining room bench that offers a casual and laid-back appeal? Perhaps you instead desire to compliment an existing contemporary environment with the use of a minimalist and yet extremely comfortable piece of furniture.

Interestingly enough, these seemingly disparate qualities can all be found within this Amron black dining bench. Simple and practical, this unit can make a perfect addition to your dining atmosphere. Its unpretentious aspect is still only the beginning. There are numerous other features which serve to define this one-of-a-kind piece.

A Functional Sense of Beauty

The dining room is one of the most functional areas within any home, so it is only logical that any furniture should be able to embrace this same sense of durability. Thanks to the use of high-quality PU leather and two u-shaped stainless steel legs, you can remain assured that each bench will last for years with only a minimal amount of maintenance. The leather cushion is also easy to clean; a very real concern within the modern home. Extra layers of padding beneath the faux leather are a nice additional touch (if not immediately apparent to the naked eye).

Bespoke Flexibility with Chic Paradis

You will be pleased to know that this black dining bench is available in three separate sizes. So, accommodating stringent dimensions should not represent a problem. While able to work in synergy with any table, this piece can also provide a bit of stand-alone beauty to your home. The high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis are quite pleased to be able to offer this item to the public.

As always, contact us for more details and order yours today. Take a look.

16 Apr 2018 09:30:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

It is a misconception to believe that the term "strong" cannot be used when referring to high-gloss furniture. Such a myth has been completely dispelled thanks to the unique design espoused within this extendable dining table produced by Meridius. Not only does it have the ability to accommodate between six and ten individuals, but an entirely original design represents the perfect option for anyone who has been looking for a means to punctuate their environment. What features have allowed this unit to rise above and beyond its generic counterparts?

A User-Friendly Edge

As opposed to tables which require a great deal of work to extend or retract, this unit has employed a hand-operated mechanism to quickly adjust its configuration. A secure locking feature ensures that the surface will remain closed when it is not extended. Thus, adjustments can take place in no time at all. As if these functional features were not enough, Meridius has devoted just as much attention to its visual charm.

Trademark Chic Paradis Quality

This extendable table is imbued with a milieu of other unique features. A glass top will offer an extra level of protection and its central pedestal is interspersed with grey stripes; offering an extra sense of bespoke dimension. Please note that this unit is also available in grey if desired. In order to place an order or to address additional questions, we encourage you to speak with a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis. Beauty has never been so functional.                       

Take a look.

5 Apr 2018 09:30:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

Those who claim that simplicity and beauty cannot be used in the same sentence have never witnessed the beauty associated with this high-gloss extendable table. Not only is its design practical in nature, but the artisans at Clayton have put a great deal of work into its aesthetic appeal. A lustrous finish is paired with an ability to comfortably seat up to ten guests at any give time. While perfectly suited within a dining room, it can also be employed for business needs in order to leave an unforgettable impression.

Sparing no Expense on Beauty

We are all aware that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One glance at this high-gloss white extendable table will undoubtedly catch the attention of any onlooker. Sleek lines and a silken finish both reflect a modern flavour and yet, it can just as easily be placed within a more traditional setting. There are also some hidden features which should never be "glossed over". Not only can this table extend to various lengths, but the use of triangular brushed steel legs offers a muted sense of stability. Padding ensures that these legs will not scuff delicate floors such as those made of marble or wood.

Innovation and Quality

As opposed to other extendable tables, the additional pieces can be stored directly beneath the surface. The unit is easy to clean and the inclusion of a full one-year warranty emphasises that quality is never an issue. As always, high-gloss Chic Paradis furniture experts are happy to answer questions or to take your order today.                       

Take a look.

28 Mar 2018 09:30:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

One of the issues encountered with generic dressing tables is that they are either highly functional or visually appealing. Unfortunately, these qualities tend to be mutually exclusive. The high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis recognise that the modern woman should be provided with nothing but the best in terms of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Hence, we are pleased to be able to offer this high-gloss dressing unit manufactured by Vanessa.

A Sinuous (and Functional) Beauty

This high-gloss white dressing table offers up a host of convenient drawers and compartments. In fact, you can enjoy access to no fewer than five different storage spaces. This takes the guesswork out of securing items such as make-up, accessories, skin care products and similar necessities. Out of sight, out of mind is entirely appropriate when referring to this model. A chair can be tucked underneath the central table; offering up an additional amount of space within a cramped environment. However, it can be argued that the main appeal of this unit is the inclusion of curves and angles. The use of durable materials and a thick lacquer coating helps to guarantee that this unit will enjoy years of continuous use.

Mix and Match with Chic Paradis

There is no doubt that this dressing table represents an alluring stand-alone item. However, why not combine this unit with other bespoke pieces found within the Vanessa collection? As this table will require between two and four weeks to be delivered, please do not hesitate to speak with the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis as soon as possible.                       

Take a look.

21 Mar 2018 09:30:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

The Carrie Desk

If you have been searching for a versatile and yet stunning high-gloss option for the home or office, this low-maintenance desk is certainly worth a closer look. Designed by Carrie, its casual design is suited for nearly any environment. It can be used as a desk within a bedroom while it is an equally attractive option for modern business needs. An all-white finish is also a nice touch, as such a neutral tone can blend with nearly any interior decor. What else does this unique item have in store?

Magnificent Minimalism

The no-frills flavour of this desk reflects a functional and yet decidedly comfortable quality. While it may indeed appear rather Spartan at first glance, an internal sliding door is fully capable of storing countless items. Still, the overall intention of this product is to provide the user with a seamlessly clean appeal alongside the hallmark glossy finish that has always been associated with Chic Paradis. Humble and understated, its sturdy legs and rectangular surface reflect what some would call a traditional sense of modernism.

The Utilitarian Edge

This desk is an excellent choice for those who have been looking for a piece of furniture which exhibits clean and crisp lines. The addition of a glossy surface also signifies that few issues will be encountered in regards to regular maintenance and cleaning. Each unit is equipped with a standard one-year warranty for your protection. If you would like to learn more or to place your order today, please contact the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis.

Take a look.

14 Mar 2018 09:30:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,
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