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While there is no doubt that the bed is the centrepiece of any bedroom, a bespoke dressing table comes in at a close second place. This is why more generic options will often not suffice. If you have been looking to add an organic sense of style to your environment, this grey cashmere dressing unit is the perfect solutions. Envisioned and designed by the artisans at David Warm, the smooth lines and bold configuration of this unit has somehow been able to maintain a unique balance of sophistication alongside functionality. In other words, there are few needs which this dressing table is unable to address.

Perhaps its most striking feature can be seen in the curvaceous nature of its peripheral drawers. Such soft lines can compliment many nearby items and its these grey tones are capable of working quite well with other hues. Silent drawer runners, two large side cupboards, chrome handles, and an included vanity mirror all serve to compliment the visual qualities of this one-of-a-kind piece. Please note that a a faux leather stool can be easily tucked away when not in use; maximising the amount of space within your bedroom. The high-gloss finish of its composite wood frame is also excellent in terms of cleaning, as any spills or stains can be quickly wiped away.

Boasting a synergy of class and functional style, this grey cashmere dressing unit is just as suited for contemporary environments as it is when placed within more traditional settings. As matching items are available, please speak with a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis in order to learn about your additional options.

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11 Sep 2019 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

What is one of the most important elements within any bar? While items such as a backsplash and mirrors will often come to mind, we cannot overemphasise the importance of comfortable seating arrangements. This is why the specialists at Chic Paradis are pleased to offer these vintage faux leather bar stools. Exemplifying the styles often seen in the 1970s and 1980s, such stools can add a much-needed sense of personality to any environment. Their mocha overtones will likewise provide a hint of organic warmth; a quality often lacking within open spaces. This fabric is also quite comfortable, so guests are more likely to remain seated for longer.

While the seats themselves are quite robust, they are offset by rather thin legs made of black metal. This provides a unique sense of balance while not sacrificing comfort or stability. Comfort is also king within any bar, so the stools have been fitted with high backrests for visitors to enjoy. Please note that consumers can also choose from an ash tone if mocha is not the most suitable colour. Either way, there is no doubt that these stools will quickly become the centrepieces of any bar.

Suitable for both domestic as well as commercial locations, these stools are quite sturdy and they can last for years with the proper maintenance. A total height of just over one metre (including the backrest) is suited for the majority of bar configurations, so little is left to the imagination. Whether you currently own a bar or you are designing one for your home, there is no doubt that these stools will represent the perfect additions. Please order yours today via our online platform and as always, a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis is here to answer any additional questions.

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4 Sep 2019 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

Whether referring to a domestic or commercial location, bars need to be both comfortable and attractive. This is why the associated furniture is so very important to address. Those who have been searching for a decidedly sleek and contemporary design will love what these stools have to offer. Designed by Gerana, these stainless steel stools are the epitome of class and elegance. Boasting a slim and yet sturdy design, they are perfect for any environment and their diminutive nature will not overpower the existing atmosphere. As they are fashioned from stainless steel, issues such as stains and discolourations are all but eliminated.

Discretion is one of the most important traits of these bar stools. However, their high-gloss frame will certainly compliment the existing decor. Another unique amenity is the fact that each stool can be vertically stacked if needed. This is an excellent advantage in regards to long-term storage or should you be dealing with a limited amount of space. Thus, you can also enjoy a utilitarian edge. Customers can also choose from a white or black back seat rest. These neutral tones can work well with most other colours and they will also serve to accentuate the design of the stools themselves.

A height of 87 centimetres is likewise ideally suited for the majority of bars and a width of 37.5 centimetres provides ample seating room. The heavy-duty nature of these stools is suited for both commercial and domestic requirements, so flexibility is a final trait to be mentioned. Whether you are redesigning a restaurant or you wish to add a unique touch to a home bar, these stools are ideal. Please contact a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis to place an order today.

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28 Aug 2019 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

Beautiful Dressing TableBeautiful Dressing Table

Some individuals are satisfied with nothing less than the very best when it comes to the furniture found throughout their home. This is particularly the case when referring to pieces which are required to exude a standalone sense of beauty alongside modern functionality. This high-gloss dressing table designed by Peyton rises head and shoulders above more generic and mass-produced items. However, it can nonetheless work quite well with any other accessories that may be located nearby. Thanks to its cream overtones, such an understated visual presence is also welcome if you happen to be dealing with a limited amount of space.

Although there is no doubt that this piece exudes a decidedly understated and even muted appeal, luxury has not been sacrificed. Thanks to fine craftsmanship and an attention to even the finest of details, the sheer sense of style espoused by this table enables it to rise to the top of its class. This "regal" personality is then complimented by amenities such as gold-coloured handles, cream leather upholstery, a high-gloss lacquer finish, and a built-in mirror that tucks quietly away when not in use. Tapered legs add to the appeal of this table, so there is no doubt that quality will never be called into question.

Above all, this table its not mass produced. As it is made to order for each individual client, please allow up to six weeks for delivery. This is also why it is important to speak with a high-gloss furniture expert at Chic Paradis in order to place your order as soon as possible. When nothing but the best will suffice, this table certainly rises to the occasion.

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21 Aug 2019 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

While the majority of chandeliers are fashioned from metal and crystal, there may be times when you wish to take a slight departure from the norm. In the event that your home requires a more unique touch, this black orb chandelier will leave an indelible impression upon friends and family members alike. It can be argued that the most interesting quality of this elegant lighting choice is the use of hand-curved eucalyptus wood as its centrepiece. Not only does this provide the chandelier with an environmentally friendly sense of sustainability, but such a quality offers up a rather organic flavour that would be impossible to achieve with brass or stainless steel.

Opposites Attract

The matte black tone of the central orb is thereafter complimented by the presence of high-gloss metallic girdle. This girdle can accommodate eight hooded electric bulbs; offering up a timeless sense of elegance alongside superior levels of illumination. The curved iron arms which support these faux candles will likewise provide a visual synergy alongside the round centre orb. Envisioned by the experts at Bradley, the combination of matte black and scintillating steel represents a welcome departure from the more standard designs found throughout the contemporary marketplace.

Making a Personalised Statement

At a height of 118 centimetres, this orb-style chandelier will undoubtedly turn heads. However, the sheer size of this lighting fixture is offset by its elegant appeal. From dining rooms and living areas to large front entrances, it has never been easier to make a personalised statement without saying a word.

If you would like to place an order, please do not hesitate to contact Chic Paradis and to speak with a high-gloss furniture expert.

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12 Aug 2019 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

Offering up a distinct Art Deco style and slightly mirroring the unabashed opulence of the Jazz Age, this painting created by Bobbina gives a whole new meaning to the definition of contemporary wall art. Its slender overall design is likewise an excellent choice if you hope to accentuate the sense of vertical space within a room. The good news is that the subdued hues contained within the painting itself signify that it can be placed within nearly any environment without clashing with other nearby items and accessories. Its rich purple undertones are nonetheless a perfect example of how a daring sense of artistic inspiration can produce truly one-of-a-kind results.

A Distinct Attention to Detail

One of the issues which is often associated with more generic wall art is the unfortunate fact that each piece is an exact replica of the others. This concern has been eliminated thanks to the presence of hand-applied gold leaf. Thus, no two paintings are ever alike. While not all of us may be able to afford works from well-known names such as Van Gogh or Rembrandt, the fact of the matter is that this piece is the next best thing if you hope to capture a contemporary flair within your home.

The inclusion of a handcrafted pine frame and protective glass only add to the appeal of this unique item. Why not adorn your home with a bit of much-needed art today? To order yours, do not hesitate to speak with a high-gloss furniture technician at Chic Paradis. In terms of modern art, this painting certainly rises to the top of its class.

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5 Aug 2019 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

It is often said that the presence of a striking painting can make or break the overall appeal of a room. If you are looking to add a standalone flavour of modernity to your home, this selection of wall art conceptualised and realised by Blaise should never be overlooked. Although ideally suited for the contemporary home, this painting exhibits a distinctly 1950s edge. The visually attractive patterns located within its confines will further entrance onlookers and one does not have to possess the eye of an art aficionado to appreciate talent at first glance.

Adding a Personal Element to the Creation Process

The majority of modern wall art has become rather generic in terms of the associated images and designs. As we live within the era of mass manufacturing, the average piece lacks any real sense of individuality. However, the inclusion of hand-rendered gold leaf within this art signifies that you are receiving an entirely unique item. If you are not a fan of bland and so-called "cookie cutter" art, this painting certainly deserves a closer look.

Quality when Quality Counts

This example of wall art offered solely by Chic Paradis exemplifies the notion that modern homes require nothing but the best in terms of quality and flexibility. If you would like to learn more about even more home accessories, please feel free to browse through our website in greater detail. You can alternatively speak with a high-gloss specialist at Chic Paradis to place an order today, as deliveries can take up to four weeks.

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29 Jul 2019 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

Beautiful ChandelierBeautiful Chandelier

Whether you wish your home to reflect the grandeur of the Palace of Versailles or you you have been looking to adorn a specific room with a sense of class, this highly detailed crystalline chandelier leaves little to the imagination. Envisioned and created by the artisans at Dallas, this unique example of classical elegance boasts an amazing aesthetic appeal. As it is also equipped with six lights, there is no doubt that even the largest of rooms will be properly illuminated during dinners and similar gatherings.

An Innate Sense of Flexibility

One of the most interesting qualities regarding this chandelier is that you can choose from three different crystalline tones. Purists can opt for clear glass in order to fully accentuate the angled crystal beads. Smoked glass will provide a rather subdued hue; the ideal solution if you desire a soft visual accent. You might instead prefer amber, as this is a great way to add a sense of organic warmth to any environment. Either way, this flexibility is rarely seen in similar contemporary pieces.

Amenable Dimensions for the Modern Home

While there is no doubt that the classical appeal of this chandelier cannot be overstated, an overall height of 60 centimetres ensures that is should be able to fit within the majority of rooms without your home. Whether used as a centrepiece for a dining room or intended to impress guests when they enter into a foyer, this chandelier will not disappoint. To learn about this amazing chandelier and many other elegant accessories for your home, please contact a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis.

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22 Jul 2019 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

Have you been looking to replace a worn-out sofa in your kitchen or dining room with a piece that is able to display a decidedly decadent sense of elegance? If so, this vintage brown leather dining bench is an excellent solution. Not only will its warm tone add an organic flavour to any room, but a height of 46 centimetres provides a superior level of ergonomic support when sitting. This plush back is also very comfortable, so any meal will become immediately more enjoyable. While this piece does indeed offer a rather formal appearance, it is also flavoured with a relaxed appeal. It will therefore represent an excellent addition to traditional as well as contemporary environments.

A Combination of Steel and Leather

The soft and warm hues of its leather are complimented with the use of brushed stainless steel legs. This provides a standalone sense of visual balance while not detracting from the seating area itself. The glossy nature of this steel also ensures that the legs will be capable of standing up to a fair level of wear and tear; sometimes a concern within busier dining rooms and kitchens. Regardless of this sense of durability, there is no doubt that the most attractive quality of this leather dining chair is its altogether comfortable design.

Serving a Multitude of Purposes

Envisioned and manufactured by Benedict, this chair will make an excellent addition within your home. However, it may also be suited for more formal environments such as waiting rooms and offices thanks to its contemporary appeal. Would you like to learn more about what this chair has to offer or are you ready to place an order? If so, please take a few moments to contact a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis. There is no doubt that you will love what this chair has to offer.

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12 Jul 2019 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

Kitchens and dining rooms are certainly two of the most functional areas within a home. Why not add a bit of class into these environments with the help of this plush velvet dining bench? Envisioned and brought to life by Carinna, this unique piece of furniture offers up an elemental sense of elegance. Its rather straightforward and spartan appearance are likewise desirable if you are concerned about disrupting existing visual elements. While altogether modern in terms of its overall design, the inclusion of a plush velvet top hints at a slightly traditional flavour. This is why such a bench is universally attractive.

Generous Dimensions and an Attractive Frame

A length of 99 centimetres will provide an ample amount of seating space for two while a height of 46 centimetres is suitable for the majority of dining arrangements that might currently exist. The sturdy frame attached to the base of this unit is comprised of high-gloss stainless steel. Not only is this a very attractive addition, but the chair itself has been built to last. A stylish angular design serves to compliment this frame; offering up an undeniably artistic appearance while still embracing the definition of luxury.

Spicing up Your Dining Experience

The glamorous nature of this bench will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression upon any guests and yet, it is just as perfect for a quiet dinner with close family members. Please note that it is possible to pair this unit with other items that are found throughout our website. As always, the high-gloss furniture experts at Chic Paradis are happy to provide you with the latest in contemporary furniture and it is wise to examine this chair in greater detail. Do not hesitate to place an order today so that this unique item can be with you in no time at all.

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5 Jul 2019 09:30:00 By Blog Writer
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