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Modernity and Chic defined

It is said that the bedroom is the heart of any home.  So, why settle for anything but the very best in terms of furniture and accessories?  The sheer elegance exhibited in this high-gloss white bedside table manufactured by Dari exudes class from every angle.  Thanks to its reflective design, it is a perfect option when a bit of light needs to be added into an environment.  Not only is this design pleasing to the eye, but its affordability is perfect for those who are on a limited budget and still wish to embrace a sense of opulence.

Ideal for Modern Bedrooms

Much like all of the other items offered by the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis, this bedside table is as beautiful as it is completely functional.  It is equipped with two drawers and a handle-free design in order to provide an entirely unique flavour.  The white glossy finish is further accentuated with real oak trim; a great means to add a slight organic appeal.  This attribute also enables the table to seamlessly blend with other items such as a bed frame or a wardrobe.  Its quality lamination is resistant to scratches and allows for quick cleaning with necessary.  A height of 419 millimetres is suited for most bedside needs while it can be assembled in only a matter of minutes.  

Only the Best at Chic Paradis

Boasting affordability alongside an unparalleled sense of originality, this high-gloss white beside night stand is truly one of a kind.  Please have a closer look to appreciate its true beauty and as always, a representative from Chic Paradis is available in the event that you may have any additional questions.

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15 Dec 2017 09:00:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

Enjoying a meal with the family should not be associated with consumption alone.  On the contrary, you need to be able to enjoy a sense of aesthetic balance.  This Harmony high-gloss extending dining table picks up where more traditional designs have failed.  A one-of-a-kind x-shaped base provides a distinctive visual appeal while a high-gloss finish is easily able to reflect ambient light and brighten up any room.  All of which is topped off with a grey glass top.

A Contemporary Sense of Beauty and Function

Chic Paradis are your high-gloss furniture specialists and this item is an incredible example of how artistic beauty should be able to flow within a highly functional form.  Although appearing light and whimsical, the fact of the matter is that this table is extremely durable.  The designers have also considered functionality within its design.  There's up to 2.2 total metres of dining space to be enjoyed.  Keeping this sense of pragmatism in mind, the base of the table is also able to adjust to uneven floors.  Its protective glass top is highly durable and therefore, cleaning is a breeze.  

Seating And More

This sense of visual harmony is further enhanced by the ability to purchase optional chairs along with the table.  These chairs are available in a choice of colours.  This will primarily depend upon your personal tastes.  As always, Chic Paradis is your one and only source when second-best items will not suffice.                        

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4 Dec 2017 09:45:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

Taking a Walk on the Romanitc Side

One common myth is that smaller furniture items such as bedside tables are meant to be functional as opposed to beautiful.  On the contrary, the high-gloss designers at Chic Paradis firmly believe that it is the fine details which are able to leave a listing impact within any room.  There is arguably no better example of this concept than our Romantica two-drawer bedside table.  Although simple and quite functional, these aspects hide the smooth sensuality that is exhibited by its outward design.  If you have been searching for a bespoke piece of furniture at an amenable price, this unit is undoubtedly worth a closer look.

A Flash of Personality

One of the major defining qualities of this piece is the use of angled edges on the front of both drawers.  These are in sharp contrast to the overall design, and yet their whimsical presence seems perfectly at home.  These very same angles are able to supply the unit with a decidedly retro appeal; a great option if you have desired to break away from the norm.  As with many of the other pieces offered by Chic Paradis, high-gloss surfaces will catch ambient light and provide an extra sense of style.  A durable lacquer coating can be easily cleaned and it is resistant to scratches.  A height of 54.5 centimetres is able to accommodate most bedside requirements.

Luxury at Your Fingertips

This unit is delivered fully assembled, so it can be put in place immediately.  We should also mention that it can be paired with other unique items within this collection.  Please allow two to three weeks for delivery and as always, we are here to answer any questions that you may have.

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27 Nov 2017 09:45:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

The Angelela collection displays some of the most popular choices offered within the Chic Paradis online catalogue.  One item which certainly deserves attention is our Angelela high-gloss extending dining room table.  Thanks to its flexible nature, this table is easily able to accommodate up to eight friends or family members.  Still, its length can be decreased when required to provide you with a greater sense of space.  Many feel that the rather traditional appeal of this unit serves as its defining quality and yet, there are many other amenities to be examined.

The Appeal of Oak

Oak is a wood that has always silently reflected longevity and a sense of inviting warmth.  It should therefore be no surprise that our high-gloss furniture specialists have incorporated these very same strengths into the overall design of this unit.  Such a rich veneer is also an excellent option for anyone who hopes to embrace a more organic appeal within their kitchen or dining room.  A white base likewise helps to punctuate the darker appearance of its top; offering a welcome contrast in terms of light and shadow.

The Benefit of Flexibility

Depending upon your personal requirements, we provide several options.  The table can be purchased as a stand-alone item while between six and eight chairs may be included as additions.  These chairs match the decor of the table and their high backs provide extra levels of comfort during any dining event.  The high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis are pleased to be able to offer this table as one portion within our entire Angelela collection.  Please contact us to place your order or if you have any additional questions.

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20 Nov 2017 09:45:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

Elegance, Warmth and Style

Style and beauty should serve as the defining characteristics of any room and yet, this combination can sometimes be difficult to encounter within a single package.  The high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis are always looking to press the boundaries of modern design while still embracing the classical appeal that has continued to attract customers over the years.  If you have been searching for a table which boasts a sleek and yet organic nature, this coffee table designed by Angelela certainly deserves a closer look.  It can be paired with other items found within our catalogue or employed as a stand-alone item.

Warm and Inviting

Your eyes will be immediately drawn to the highly polished oak trim that punctuates the entire table.  This is accented by sturdy and yet slender legs, boasting what can only be called a slightly traditionalist appearance.  The table itself is no less than one metre long and 690 millimetres high, so it will always provide ample space for items such as magazines and similar accessories.  We should also note that this glossy surface is very easy to clean and maintain.  This table will therefore enjoy years of continuous use.

Superior Elegance

While a term such as elegance may not completely do this table justice, it is nonetheless an accurate description when referring to its smooth appeal.  Its rather neutral tones also help to ensure that you will have no problem coordinating with other pieces of furniture.  If you are tired of "cookie-cutter" tables and you instead hope to display a true sense of originality, this Angelela high-gloss table is a great option.  Please speak with the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis to learn more.

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13 Nov 2017 09:45:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

Romantic Adelise Glossy Bedroom Furniture

It has been said that European styles are vogue and there is perhaps no better illustration of this astute observation than our Adelise high-gloss bespoke bedroom set.  Delicate Parisian curves intermingling with a reflective beauty seem to embrace both the classical and the modern within a single piece of furniture.  Indeed, each and every one of these units would appear just as appropriate within an apartment along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées as they will within the a contemporary bedroom.  If you have been searching for a style which embraces artistic detail alongside unsurpassed functionality, this collection is certainly worth a closer look.

A Delicate Beauty

One unique aspect which characterises all of these pieces is that they employ a natural cheery veneer alongside their high-gloss finish.  So, each displays an organic and yet perfectly modern appearance.  There is also a light air about them, as customers can choose a pure white or a cashmere cream finish.  Thus, these pieces may very well represent the perfect options if you have been looking to accentuate the amount of light currently present within your bedroom.  However, this collection offers much more than aesthetics alone.

Your Choices and Your Desires

The high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis have come to realise that flexibility is a key component within the decision process.  So, you will be happy to learn that each piece may be purchased separately or the entire collection can be acquired as a whole.  Some options include a bedside table, a double or triple wardrobe, a three-drawer chest, a classical dressing table and a king-sized bed.  

As always, we encourage you to take an in-depth look at this collection in order to adequately appreciate the majestic comfort that awaits.  Purchases can be made within seconds and we are available to address any additional questions.

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6 Nov 2017 09:30:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

Lussuria grey gloss bedroom furniture

Neutral hues have enjoyed a comeback in recent years and all of their bespoke style has been seamlessly integrated into this high-gloss bedroom furniture bundle created by Lussuria.  Boasting a minimalist and yet comfortable ambiance, these grey tones are perfectly balanced with one another.  The end result is a collection which espouses class and modernity; ideal for the discerning customer.  

The Organic Edge

The velvety tones of grey to be encountered will help to add a sense of peace and tranquillity into any bedroom; an important advantage in order to be able to relax in style.  However, Chic Paradis fully appreciates that the tiniest of accents will often offer the most pronounced impacts.  It is for this reason that this collection is subtly imbued with hints of natural wood veneers.  These supply an additional sense of balance while highlighting the craftsmanship that has gone into the design of every piece.

At the Forefront of Flexibility

Do you wish to design an entire bedroom from scratch?  You may instead require one or two pieces in order to complete a specific type of ambiance.  Another massive advantage associated with the Lussuria collection is that you have the option of purchasing individual items or the entire set as a whole.  Bedside tables, a dresser with six drawers, a sleek wardrobe and a five-drawer chest are a handful of examples.  Depending upon your needs, it is also possible to purchase a king-sized bed or a double bed.

Never Leave Luxury to Chance

If you have been looking for an amazingly original bedroom set, you have indeed come to the right place.  This collection is only one example of the countless design options which can be encountered through the high-gloss specialists at Chic Paradis.  Please contact us to learn more.
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30 Oct 2017 09:30:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

Luminous Luxury

Those who have been searching for a high-class lighting fixture with an elegant appeal will be amazed at what this Allure Glamour overhead lamp has in store.  Not only will any room be bathed in a warm glow, but the use of individually strung metallic tubes enables the unit to offer an entirely unique sense of luminosity; a feat not possible with generic items.  Like all of the other products offered by Chic Paradis, the high-gloss nature of this ceiling light is a great way to add a bit of a scintillating accent to any room.  Whether used within a dining room, a living room, a foyer or even a master bedroom, its effects are just as stunning to behold.

Suitable for Both Retro and Modern Environments

It can sometimes be difficult to encounter a fixture which is able to seamlessly blend within a specific environment.  However, this light is characterised by a sense of versatility that makes it ideal for nearly any interior decor requirement imaginable.  Its design slightly hints of an Art Deco appeal while its streamlined and subdued curves are equally compatible for those with more contemporary tastes.  Either way, there is no doubt that this Allure Glamour glass ceiling light will quickly become the centrepiece of any room.

While this amazing item is able to be purchased as as stand-alone unit, it can also be paired with countless other accessories (such as an Allure table lamp) to be found at Chic Paradis.  Order yours today and if you have any additional questions, one of our high-gloss furniture specialists will be more than happy to help.                         

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23 Oct 2017 09:30:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

Accentuate your room with stylish lighting

The presence of metallic hues such as copper and chrome are once again popular choices in regards to interior decoration.  Their soft and undeniable charm will help to contribute to a sense of modernity while these very same options are great for those who might be looking to embrace a bit more of a traditional appeal.  The cylinder lampshades designed by Adrian exhibit these very same qualities.  Simplistic in their design and yet able to make a powerful statement, such accessories are excellent ways to add a bit of fair to any existing fixture.  These shades are particularly useful when paired with high-gloss furniture that exhibits neutral tones such as black or white.

Modern and Innovative Elegance

One of the most unique features in regards to these fixtures is that as opposed to employing real copper or chrome, they utilise a proprietary type of coated plastic to provide the illusion of these metals.  Not only will this enable the customer to save a substantial amount of money, but the lightweight nature of this approach ensures that most fixtures will not have any issues with supporting these shades after installation.  Each is 29 centimetres high and 40 centimetres in diameter, so users can be assured that an ample amount of light will be spread throughout the room.  Whether used in combination with an overhead lamp or a desktop light, these Adrian cylindrical metallic shades will add a much-needed sense of style to any environment.

The high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis are pleased to provide this unique accessory alongside hundreds of other bespoke items, so elegance is literally only a click away.                        

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13 Oct 2017 17:05:00 By Blog Writer Chic Paradis ,

Modern Contemporary Wall Art

If you have been searching for a artistic addition that will literally jump off of a wall, this amazing example of contemporary flower art will not disappoint. Not only is this piece an excellent way to accentuate any environment, but its hand-made appeal ensures that no two designs are ever the same. Thus, you can enjoy a superior sense of distinction that will impress friends and family alike.

The Beauty of Italian Inspiration

This contemporary flower art has been constructed by Italian experts; an amazing alternative to more generic design options. The flowers themselves are fashioned from aluminium and they have been mounted upon a black canvas. This is what is known as a bas-relief approach and such an option is proving to be increasingly popular within modern homes. The synergy of aluminium and black further accentuates the flowing form of the flowers themselves.

A Timeless Appeal Within the Contemporary Home

The floral design seems to emulate a modernistic approach and yet, their flowing lines and sinuous curves reflect a gentle nature. The use of neutral tones enables this Azzuro floral art to meld with existing accessories such as furniture and mirrors. The display is 1.6 metres in length, so it is suited to be used as a singular focal point or when placed upon an accent wall.

As this item is fashioned by hand in Italy, we kindly ask you to allow between four and six weeks for delivery. Chic Paradis are your high-gloss furniture specialists and such a stunning piece of modern art is yet another example of the lengths that we will go to in order to provide your home with a visual edge.

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26 Jan 2017 09:38:00 By System Administrator Chic Paradis ,
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