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It can often be difficult to encounter an office chair which provides an ergonomic design alongside aesthetic beauty. In many cases, consumers will be forced to sacrifice one for the other. However, the professionals at Chic Paradis believe that comfort and style should always enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship. This is why you will be quite pleased with what this unique configuration has to offer. Crafted from ecologically sourced leather and fully adjustable, this chair will make the perfect addition to your office, man cave or gaming room. Whether you have been suffering from back pain or you are simply tired of generic options, there is no doubt that this unit aims to please.

A Racy Feel with Comfort in Mind

Engineered to last and built with modern requirements in mind, this chair employs colour and style to create a one-of-a-kind experience. While the associated ergonomics are indeed important, the designers have not skimped on its visual appeal. This has been accomplished through the use of form-fitting dimensions alongside hues of black, white and red. Such tones provide a sense of balance while conveying the fact that the owner appreciates how style can impact the nearby environment.

It is just as prudent to highlight how this chair has been designed to provide a superior sense of relaxation when seated for lengthy periods of time. Firm lower lumbar support, five swivelling castor wheels and padded armrests are perfectly suited for office work, gaming and everything in between. The height of this unit can likewise be adjusted between 48 and 58 centimetres; important when used in conjunction with other furniture.

If you would like to order yours today, feel free to contact a high-gloss furniture expert at Chic Paradis. Those who value their comfort will love what this chair has in store.

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16 Mar 2020 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

Since ancient times, colours such as black and gold have been used to denote authority, style and sophistication. It can be argued that this is the very same reason why the designers at Bellagio have decided to incorporate these tones within this contemporary bookshelf. Built to last and designed to suit a range of different environments, it can be used within the home while it is just as appropriate for more professional settings. As should already be expected when dealing with Chic Paradis, the use of high-quality materials is augmented by a one-of-a-kind style that will certainly turn the heads of any guests.

The Synergy of Strength and Sophistication

The angular nature of this shelf is slightly reminiscent of traditional Chinese furniture and yet, its streamlined design is just as suitable within contemporary environments. However, the combination of black and gold truly makes this shelf stand head and shoulders above more generic pieces. This rather unabashed sense of boldness can likewise be witnessed in its dimensions. Standing at 191 centimetres and offering a width of 152 centimetres, this unit can be employed to display books, awards and similar mementos. Still, the use of durable stainless steel and tempered glass helps to ensure that longevity is never an issue.

Why Not Coordinate?

Customers can also choose to use this bookshelf in combination with other stylish pieces of contemporary furniture in order to provide any room with an entirely unique personality. As composite MDF wood is also used within the lower cupboard, it is likewise ideal if a more organic look is desired.

This is only one of the many pieces offered by the high-gloss furniture experts at Chic Paradis, so please contact us to learn more or to secure your order today.

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9 Mar 2020 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

Many of us are looking to avoid the more generic options associated with interior decor. Indeed, the use of "cookie-cutter" styles and designs seems to fall upon deaf ears in this day and age. It is much better to strive for a bold and beautiful look. Still, it is important to retain a sense of visual balance along the way. If these are some of the concerns which you are seeking to address, you will be very pleased with what this contemporary bookcase has to offer. Conceptualised and engineered by the artisans at Henry, the unabashed allure of this unit is only superseded by its functionality.

Opposites Attract

Black and white have always been used in synergy to create unique works of art and this bookcase is certainly no different. However, its unique configuration is what will truly grab the attention of onlookers. Designed in such a way as to slightly resemble the popular Cubist movement of the 1950s, individual "windows" help to break up what might otherwise be considered to represent nothing more than a traditional design. Please note that this case can also be reversed; ideal if you wish to display its high-gloss white finish or you prefer to darken the nearby environment with the help of its black surfaces.

Functional, Durable and Unabashedly Modern

Fans of the Modernist movement will be particularly pleased with what is in store. Fashioned from MDF wood and coated with a high-gloss lacquer, this bookshelf is uncompromising in terms of beauty and sophistication. It should also be noted that more than one unit can be used if you happen to be dealing with large spaces. As always, please speak with a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis to order yours today!

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2 Mar 2020 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

Beautiful VaseBeautiful Vase

One of the issues which has seemed to plague the home decor industry as of late is the presence of rather ostentatious pieces within what might otherwise be considered a rather minimalist environment. Not only can this detract from the overall aesthetic appeal, but such choices could make an otherwise "balanced" room appear cluttered and slightly overwhelming. Thankfully, such issues are certainly not the case when referring to this high-gloss vase designed by Aislin. Offering a seamless sense of simplistic beauty, this item can be used as both a centrepiece and a standalone accessory. So, what are some of the unique qualities which you can expect to leverage around the home or office?

A Universal Appeal

Perhaps the most unique quality about this glazed ceramic vase is its rather subdued appearance. This understated look is perfect for a modern environment while it can also be employed within more traditional settings if you have been hoping to tie a room together. Its mint green colour and matte finish will likewise imbue any area with a sense of organic (and yet refined) warmth. Finally, the fact that it is glazed signifies that the vase is as functional as it is undeniably beautiful. It can easily be used as a planter within a kitchen or living room

All About Aesthetics

It is also important to mention that each of these vases is handcrafted, so no two are ever alike. This very same uniqueness has come to define all of the products offered by the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis. Would you like to place an order today or do you have additional questions? If so, please contact us directly. A representative will be more than happy to assist further.

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24 Feb 2020 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

One of the most recent trends in regards to bedroom furniture is the notion of embracing a sense of visual simplicity. Not only is this an excellent way to accentuate a personal environment, but such pieces will not unintentionally overwhelm what could very well prove to be a smaller room. These are the very same reasons why this narrow chest of drawers designed by Alana is an ideal solution if you wish to embrace a touch of elegance alongside unabashed class. As with many of the products offered by Chic Paradis, the high-gloss nature of this chest of drawers will also provide a subdued and yet scintillating touch.

Ebony and Ivory

There is no doubt that black and white can offer a stunning sense of visual balance when used in conjunction. This is why the artisans at Alana have employed black accents on the front of each door in order to compliment their ivory white finish. However, the unique angles associated with these recessed black handles offers a cutting-edge appearance while still resonating with the overall dimensions of the unit itself. The narrow nature of this piece (only 60 centimetres) is also perfectly suited for smaller environments or if it needs to be placed within confined spaces such as a wardrobe.

An Elegant Storage Solution

Thanks to a convenient height of 110 centimetres as well as five drawers of different sizes, it has never been easier to store important clothing items and accessories. Furthermore, its height also allows you to place additional items atop such as a vanity mirror or jewellery.

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13 Feb 2020 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

Have you been searching for a novel desk to be used within domestic or professional settings? Perhaps you are instead dealing with a limited amount of space and do not wish to sacrifice functionality for modernity. These are some of the many scenarios which can be addressed by this unique desk. Conceptualised and designed by the artisans at Pocock, there is much more than initially meets the eye in terms of its unique characteristics. Perfectly suited for contemporary settings, there is no doubt that this unit will represent an ideal solution when generic options are no longer sufficient.

A One-of-a-Kind Design

Perhaps the most striking feature of this high-gloss desk is the presence of shelves which have been mounted on a swivelling mechanism. Their orientation in relation to the main unit can be adjusted as needed; providing the user with a greater sense of flexibility than would otherwise be possible. Not only does this configuration take the notion of convenience to an entirely new level, but it allows the desk to be placed in locations that would be difficult to accommodate with standard designs. From corner office suites to at-home libraries and conservatories, the possibilities are nearly limitless when working with the team at Chic Paradis.

The Very Same High-Gloss Beauty

While the functionality of this desk is certainly impressive, we need to point out that its sleek design can work with most modern interior decor requirements. Both stylish and fully functional, this unit will go a long way towards completing any room. Please note that some assembly is required upon delivery, so be sure to contact one of the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis to learn more.

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6 Feb 2020 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

There are many instances when run-of-the-mill solutions for the home or office simply will not suffice. In terms of a standard desk, you may need to negotiate challenging dimensions or to address for a flexible sense of storage space. The unique design of this high-gloss model is the ideal solution for addressing both of these concerns. Not only is its pure white design capable of addressing the design requirements associated with a rather minimalist environment, but this very same purist appeal is well suited if you have been concerned about coordination with nearby accessories. However, the real genius can be seen in how it has been engineered.

Cleverly Original

The most attractive aspect of this desk can be found in a standalone swivel mechanism which can be adjusted in order to suit the needs of the individual in question. This is also an excellent innovation if the desk needs to be placed within a corner or shared with another coworker. This feature is then accented with four drawers, a built-in cupboard and additional shelving so that everyday items can be immediately accessed when required.

Built for Modern Requirements

This white high-gloss desk manufactured by Asko has nonetheless been engineered with longevity in mind. Thanks to its finish, the unit can easily be cleaned when needed. A width of 108 centimetres is likewise ideal for smaller offices or libraries within the home. Either way, you will be undoubtedly pleased with what is in store. Feel free to contact a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis so learn more or to place an order today.

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30 Jan 2020 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

Tall 5 Drawer ChestTall 5 Drawer Chest

There has always been a certain appeal associated with timeless pieces of furniture. Not only can they be employed in synergy with other pieces, but this very same universal quality is ideal if you have been searching for a slight departure from the norm. The specialists at Chic Paradis work with some of the most respected names in the industry and one of the latest additions to our selection can be seen in this chest of five drawers designed by Bee. As always, little is left to the imagination in regards to style, design and high-gloss functionality.

Brighten Up Any Environment

The most striking feature of this chest of drawers is its high-gloss finish. When this is combined with bold angles, there is no doubt that such a piece can immutably impact the overall ambience of any room. Still, there is a certain relaxed quality to this piece. Thanks to a design that slightly mirrors an Art Deco feel, this chest of drawers is suited for both traditional and contemporary settings. The presence of a white lacquer finish only serves to further accentuate the features mentioned above.

Compact, Sturdy and Functional

Of what use is bespoke style if the furniture in question cannot stand up to the test of time. This compact chest of five drawers has been designed with longevity in mind. From square metallic handles to a solid centre of gravity, you can enjoy years of use with only a minimal amount of maintenance.

Let us also mention that this chest can be paired with similar items if you have been looking to coordinate, so please contact a high-gloss furniture expert at Chic Paradise to order yours while this unit is still in stock.

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23 Jan 2020 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

Both the Romans and the Greeks appreciated the fact that vases represented much more than transportation and gardening solutions. Often used to adorn palaces, only the richest of families would have been able to own such items. However, times have indeed changed. You can now enjoy all of the simplistic and stylised beauty that this large ceramic pot designed by Alfonsina has to offer without spending a small fortune. Boasting an undoubtedly Purist appeal, the white tone and high-gloss finish of this vase will make an excellent addition to any room or interior decor desire.

A Small and Yet Bold Personality

Some vases are known for their elaborate design elements or their shabby chic appeal. This unit has been envisioned with a more contemporary flavour in mind. Its pearly finish is still able to capture and reflect the ambient light from within a room, so this vase can easily be used as a centrepiece. At a height of only 12.5 centimetres, you can rest assured in the fact that it will never overwhelm the environment. This is due in no small part to its fundamentally straightforward design. So, it can make the perfect addition to both contemporary and post-modern settings.

It should also be mentioned that the beauty of this vase is complimented by its functional nature. Designed to be completely waterproof, it can serve as a plant pot or a means to bring water into your back garden. So, there is no reason why it will need to remain nothing more than a static fixture. As always, the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis are here to help if you have any additional concerns or should you like to place an order today.

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16 Jan 2020 09:30:00 By Blog Writer

Why remain content with a decidedly generic dining experience when there is the possibility to take the average family meal to an entirely new level? Whether you have recently remodelled your dining room or you are simply looking to embrace a more elegant appearance, this high-gloss Isobel Grand dining table exudes all of the talent and sophistication that you have come to expect from the team at Chic Paradis. Boasting an old-world sense of elegance in synergy with a contemporary flair, this unit will make a perfect addition to your home.

Clean, Sophisticated and Unabashedly Beautiful

Italian artisans have always been respected for their bespoke attention to detail. As this high-gloss dining table has been manufactured in Italy, you can be assured that no expense has been spared in regards to its innate sense of beauty. The inclusion of tasteful chrome leg accents serves to further accentuate the glossy allure of its white lacquered finish. Thus, this table could also be an excellent idea if you have been looking to maximise the amount of ambient light within a smaller environment. Its sturdy design is able to last for years with only a minimal amount of maintenance and the lacquered surface is easy to clean. Therefore, you can expect to enjoy a marriage of modern utility with a timeless aesthetic allure.

Please note that this dining room table can be paired with other accessories such as a matching sideboard and chairs. It is therefore easy to completely renovate the personality of your home in no time at all. As this product will be shipped directly from Italy, it is always prudent to contact one of the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis to place your order today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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9 Jan 2020 09:30:00 By Blog Writer
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