Don't Mess With The High Gloss Black Panther

The meticulously lifelike representation captured within the moulded resin is punctuated by dazzling crystals accented throughout its body; providing this crouching beast with the illusion of movement. These crystals are likewise able to catch the ambient light and reflect it throughout any room. Exuding a unique visual synergy of grace and power, this ornament is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Standalone Beauty

This glossy black panther is an excellent centrepiece while it can just as easily be combined with the other items provided through Chic Paradis. Its black hue will blend perfectly with nearly any other tones present and as it is 62 centimetres long, it can be placed upon a desk, a coffee table or even within a dining room. Regardless of where this apex predator eventually calls home, the sense of streamlined movement that it silently exhibits will not go unnoticed.

Chic Paradis are proud to be your high-gloss furniture specialists and such a unique item boasts an allure that simply cannot be matched. If you have been desperately searching for a gift for someone who values the appearance of their home, this object is indeed the perfect item. Like all of the products found at Chic Paradis, such a stunning selection is only moments away.

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