A High Gloss Mastery Of Modern Art

What values tend to define precious wall art in these modern times? Is it a bespoke balance of form and function? Do colours play an important role? Could it be the ability for a piece to seamlessly blend with its nearby surroundings? In fact, all of these are important factors to consider. Chic Paradis has taken all of these qualities into account. This ceramic piece is punctuated by alternating hues of gold and silver; ideal for nearly any environment imaginable. Three separate designs easily compliment one another in a side-by-side fashion while flowing lines serve to accentuate a rather “soft” appearance. The concept of contemporary art has undoubtedly been taken to the next level.

Your One-of-a-Kind Personality

Another interesting advantage to mention is that each one of these pieces is fashioned by hand with the talent of traditional Italian artisans. Thus, no two works will ever be the same. You can rest assured that such art is truly unique in its nature. A glossy finish serves to further accentuate the intricate designs exhibited in each piece. This helps to provide an extra sense of depth and dimension.

Unsurpassed Quality

Much like all of the other products provided by the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis, this art is made to last. Thanks to a durable construction, you can expect decades of enjoyment within any area of your home. Whether you desire this art as the focal point of a bedroom or as a conversation piece within a foyer, you will not be disappointed.

Please note that as this is a speciality item, delivery times will vary between four and six weeks.

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