Annais High Gloss Mirror

One of the first aspects of this high-gloss mirror that set it apart from the rest is the use of artistic curves around its frame. As opposed to a square or rectangular shape, these flowing lines will provide a slightly softer appeal. However, there is no doubt that this Annais high-gloss mirror has certainly been able to embrace a bold appearance. Available in black, white or fashionable champagne, such scintillating tones will undoubtedly tie together the entire room.

A Departure from the Norm

There is simply nothing ordinary in regards to this one-of-a-kind accessory. Dimensions of 106 centimetres high by 129 centimetres wide provide ample viewing room. This is a great choice to provide the illusion of space to a smaller area or to accent the openness of a large environment. Its high-gloss finish is able to enhance the ambient light within while a decidedly stunning frame boasts a sense of movement within what could very well have otherwise been a rather static environment.

While this mirror indeed presents a bold spectacle to behold, its curves have provided a soft appeal; perfect to break up a contemporary environment defined by straight lines and angles. Still, this Annais high-gloss mirror is just as appropriate in more traditional settings where a bit of personality is desired. Perfectly suited to be paired with colours or a black-and-white theme, this choice will indeed leave a lasting impression.

At Chic Paradis, our high-gloss furniture specialists have left nothing to chance regarding the design of this and other stunning pieces. Feel free to have a closer look; that perfect addition to your home is only a click away.

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