A Step Up In High Gloss Furniture

It is no secret that our young ones deserve only the very best. So, why not select only the most refined and useful furniture within a bathroom? This one-of-a-kind step-up vanity unit and basin is ideally suited for those who still have some growing to do. Manufactured in Italy and fashioned from only high-quality materials, you can be assured that years of unfettered use are just around the corner. A sense of aesthetic flexibility is another feature worth nothing. This step-up vanity unit is available in any colour. So, there will never be any concern in regards to matching the current ambiance of your bathroom.

Functional for Adults and Immense Fun for Children

Parents and grandparents will appreciate the ability of this unit to provide a safe and secure way for a child to reach a sink or a mirror. Furthermore, the unique inclusion of a drawer within the step can provide a handy storage area for regularly used sanitary items such as towels or wash cloths. Children will likewise love the fact that this handy device can be customised with any image or pattern of choice. It has never been easier to add a bit of much-needed personality to what may have otherwise been a rather drab bathroom environment. As this unit is completely customisable, all customers can rest assured that they will be receiving an extremely useful addition to their home.

The high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis have left nothing to spare in regards to the design of this step-up vanity unit. Please contact us directly for more details or if you wish to place an order today.

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