A Subtle And Stylised Dining Experience

The dining room is a central component within any home and therefore, it is wise to select only the finest of tables and chairs to add a sense of bespoke elegance. Those who are looking for a refined and contemporary appeal will be quite pleased with what this high-gloss dining table manufactured by Allison has in store. Not only is it stunning to behold, but an intricate framework hides a unique functionality. The table itself can be extended from 120 to 160 centimetres. Between four and six individuals can be accommodated comfortably.

Colours to Match Your Décor

Most dining rooms tend to be associated with lighter tones such as whites, pastels and creams. Thankfully, this high-gloss table is available in all three hues. It has never been easier to meet all interior design needs. Thanks to the lustrous finish of this table, owners can be sure that it will be the centre of attention during any dining experience.

Flexibility as Always

One of the goals of the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis is to provide all customers with a superior sense of flexibility when deciding upon a certain item. Not only can different colours be chosen, but the table is able to be purchased with or without matching chairs. Depending upon personal requirements, between four and six chairs are available.

This sleek and silken table represents the epitome of style and class within any environment. Chrome-coloured accents and a sturdy base ensure that any meal will certainly prove to be an altogether memorable experience. Feel free to order yours today or to contact Chic Paradis for further details.

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