Kitchens and dining rooms are certainly two of the most functional areas within a home. Why not add a bit of class into these environments with the help of this plush velvet dining bench? Envisioned and brought to life by Carinna, this unique piece of furniture offers up an elemental sense of elegance. Its rather straightforward and spartan appearance are likewise desirable if you are concerned about disrupting existing visual elements. While altogether modern in terms of its overall design, the inclusion of a plush velvet top hints at a slightly traditional flavour. This is why such a bench is universally attractive.

Generous Dimensions and an Attractive Frame

A length of 99 centimetres will provide an ample amount of seating space for two while a height of 46 centimetres is suitable for the majority of dining arrangements that might currently exist. The sturdy frame attached to the base of this unit is comprised of high-gloss stainless steel. Not only is this a very attractive addition, but the chair itself has been built to last. A stylish angular design serves to compliment this frame; offering up an undeniably artistic appearance while still embracing the definition of luxury.

Spicing up Your Dining Experience

The glamorous nature of this bench will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression upon any guests and yet, it is just as perfect for a quiet dinner with close family members. Please note that it is possible to pair this unit with other items that are found throughout our website. As always, the high-gloss furniture experts at Chic Paradis are happy to provide you with the latest in contemporary furniture and it is wise to examine this chair in greater detail. Do not hesitate to place an order today so that this unique item can be with you in no time at all.

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