We have recently witnessed a resurgence in the Art Deco movement within homes and offices. Thanks to a sense of bold beauty and flowing lines, this style could be just what is required to allow any room to exhibit a personality of its own. The specialists at Chic Paradis are therefore quite proud to be able to offer this Matt Black and Chrome pendant light manufactured by Clifford.

Subdued and Yet Striking

This black-and-chrome pendant light is perfect within a room that requires a special touch in order to make a visual statement. As it can be freely hung from a ceiling, the light is quite flexible in regards to where it may be placed. However, the real beauty of this piece involves what can only be called an industrial sense of glamour. Slightly reminiscent of the illumination utilised on film sets during the 1920's, anyone who is a fan of this bygone era will certainly appreciate what is in store. A chrome pendant chain affixed to the top of the main unit is likewise able to provide a sense of visual balance without detracting from the standalone appeal of the light itself. Please note that this suspension chain may be adjusted to various heights so that the dimensions of the room can be accommodated.

A Solid Retro Flavour

Whether employed as the centrepiece within an office conference room or placed in the kitchen of a home, this light aims to please. Please contact one of the high-gloss furniture experts at Chic Paradis to learn more about this amazing accessory or to place your order today.

Take a look.