The colour black has always been associated with a purist sense of beauty, boldness and even a hint of sensuality. These are some of the reasons why specific accessories are chosen to accentuate specific areas of the home. This back ceramic vase has been manufactured with a unique sense of personality in mind and it is an ideal selection for the discerning consumer. It is also associated with a standalone sense of balance due to a height and width of 14 centimetres; perfect when a limited amount of space could otherwise preclude the use of such an element.

More than a Simple Vase

While vases are valued for their simplicity, there is nothing simple when referring to the design of this piece. Envisioned by the artisans at Alvian, each unit is coated with a reactive finish. This provides every vase with an entirely different "alligator" effect. Not only does such a method ensure that no two examples are ever alike, but the resultant surface adds a unique sense of depth that is impossible to achieve through the use of ceramics alone. A gloss is then added to this finish in order to provide a completely waterproof seal.

Would you like to learn more about this quirky and contemporary vase? Whether you have additional questions or you wish to place an order, a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis is always available at your disposal.

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