Since ancient times, colours such as black and gold have been used to denote authority, style and sophistication. It can be argued that this is the very same reason why the designers at Bellagio have decided to incorporate these tones within this contemporary bookshelf. Built to last and designed to suit a range of different environments, it can be used within the home while it is just as appropriate for more professional settings. As should already be expected when dealing with Chic Paradis, the use of high-quality materials is augmented by a one-of-a-kind style that will certainly turn the heads of any guests.

The Synergy of Strength and Sophistication

The angular nature of this shelf is slightly reminiscent of traditional Chinese furniture and yet, its streamlined design is just as suitable within contemporary environments. However, the combination of black and gold truly makes this shelf stand head and shoulders above more generic pieces. This rather unabashed sense of boldness can likewise be witnessed in its dimensions. Standing at 191 centimetres and offering a width of 152 centimetres, this unit can be employed to display books, awards and similar mementos. Still, the use of durable stainless steel and tempered glass helps to ensure that longevity is never an issue.

Why Not Coordinate?

Customers can also choose to use this bookshelf in combination with other stylish pieces of contemporary furniture in order to provide any room with an entirely unique personality. As composite MDF wood is also used within the lower cupboard, it is likewise ideal if a more organic look is desired.

This is only one of the many pieces offered by the high-gloss furniture experts at Chic Paradis, so please contact us to learn more or to secure your order today.

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