Many of us are looking to avoid the more generic options associated with interior decor. Indeed, the use of "cookie-cutter" styles and designs seems to fall upon deaf ears in this day and age. It is much better to strive for a bold and beautiful look. Still, it is important to retain a sense of visual balance along the way. If these are some of the concerns which you are seeking to address, you will be very pleased with what this contemporary bookcase has to offer. Conceptualised and engineered by the artisans at Henry, the unabashed allure of this unit is only superseded by its functionality.

Opposites Attract

Black and white have always been used in synergy to create unique works of art and this bookcase is certainly no different. However, its unique configuration is what will truly grab the attention of onlookers. Designed in such a way as to slightly resemble the popular Cubist movement of the 1950s, individual "windows" help to break up what might otherwise be considered to represent nothing more than a traditional design. Please note that this case can also be reversed; ideal if you wish to display its high-gloss white finish or you prefer to darken the nearby environment with the help of its black surfaces.

Functional, Durable and Unabashedly Modern

Fans of the Modernist movement will be particularly pleased with what is in store. Fashioned from MDF wood and coated with a high-gloss lacquer, this bookshelf is uncompromising in terms of beauty and sophistication. It should also be noted that more than one unit can be used if you happen to be dealing with large spaces. As always, please speak with a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis to order yours today!

Take a look.