Beautiful VaseBeautiful Vase

One of the issues which has seemed to plague the home decor industry as of late is the presence of rather ostentatious pieces within what might otherwise be considered a rather minimalist environment. Not only can this detract from the overall aesthetic appeal, but such choices could make an otherwise "balanced" room appear cluttered and slightly overwhelming. Thankfully, such issues are certainly not the case when referring to this high-gloss vase designed by Aislin. Offering a seamless sense of simplistic beauty, this item can be used as both a centrepiece and a standalone accessory. So, what are some of the unique qualities which you can expect to leverage around the home or office?

A Universal Appeal

Perhaps the most unique quality about this glazed ceramic vase is its rather subdued appearance. This understated look is perfect for a modern environment while it can also be employed within more traditional settings if you have been hoping to tie a room together. Its mint green colour and matte finish will likewise imbue any area with a sense of organic (and yet refined) warmth. Finally, the fact that it is glazed signifies that the vase is as functional as it is undeniably beautiful. It can easily be used as a planter within a kitchen or living room

All About Aesthetics

It is also important to mention that each of these vases is handcrafted, so no two are ever alike. This very same uniqueness has come to define all of the products offered by the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis. Would you like to place an order today or do you have additional questions? If so, please contact us directly. A representative will be more than happy to assist further.

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