Offering up a distinct Art Deco style and slightly mirroring the unabashed opulence of the Jazz Age, this painting created by Bobbina gives a whole new meaning to the definition of contemporary wall art. Its slender overall design is likewise an excellent choice if you hope to accentuate the sense of vertical space within a room. The good news is that the subdued hues contained within the painting itself signify that it can be placed within nearly any environment without clashing with other nearby items and accessories. Its rich purple undertones are nonetheless a perfect example of how a daring sense of artistic inspiration can produce truly one-of-a-kind results.

A Distinct Attention to Detail

One of the issues which is often associated with more generic wall art is the unfortunate fact that each piece is an exact replica of the others. This concern has been eliminated thanks to the presence of hand-applied gold leaf. Thus, no two paintings are ever alike. While not all of us may be able to afford works from well-known names such as Van Gogh or Rembrandt, the fact of the matter is that this piece is the next best thing if you hope to capture a contemporary flair within your home.

The inclusion of a handcrafted pine frame and protective glass only add to the appeal of this unique item. Why not adorn your home with a bit of much-needed art today? To order yours, do not hesitate to speak with a high-gloss furniture technician at Chic Paradis. In terms of modern art, this painting certainly rises to the top of its class.

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