Rimmi Is A Fave

Your dining experience should always be as luxurious and as comfortable as possible. These are the very same concepts which are exemplified through the extendable high-gloss table manufactured by Rimmi and offered through Chic Paradis. Available in gloss white with grey highlights or the reverse, the muted tones of this item are perfect for the modern dining room. When this visual appeal is combined with an ability to extend to accommodate the needs of your guests, comfort and function are equally embraced.

Flexible and Demure

It is often difficult for furniture manufacturers to combine functionality and visual appeal within a single package. However, these are the very same concepts that Chic Paradis embraces within all of our pieces. Depending upon your needs, this high-gloss dining table can extend from 1.6 metres to 2 metres. Another important point to mention is that the unit can be purchased either with or without the chairs seen in the photograph. You are also able to combine this table with the other chairs offered through our services.

High Style and Low Maintenance

Cleaning will hardly be an issue thanks to the high-gloss finish of this table. You can therefore expect years of continuous use with few issues. A sturdy construction combined with a wide base offer an increased sense of stability. This model is quite appropriate for a large family or for those with children.

The high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis have meticulously taken into account even the tiniest of details to guarantee a superior dining experience. Order yours today or feel free to examine the hundreds of other bespoke items which we can provide.

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