Dining For Modern Times

This dining set designed by the artisans at Freddy is the very definition of streamlined simplicity. A use of black and white enable it to be perfect for nearly any environment while a decidedly understated appeal is a great choice if you hope to enjoy a synergy with other pieces of furniture. While this dining set is indeed diminutive in its appearance, we should not fail to mention that this very same aspect supplies a well-balanced visual coherence; a quality not often found in lesser-quality sets. At a length of 160 centimetres and a width of 90 centimetres, four guests can be seated comfortably with room to spare. Four PU white leather chairs provide an even further sense of comfort while ribbed patterns boast a subtle sense of style.

Bespoke Angular Momentum

This exquisite dining room set embraces a unique marriage of form and function. Smooth curves around the table and chairs are offset by the angular appearance of sturdy support legs. These are powder coated with black paint; adding a further sense of depth to this piece. Such a powder coating is also an excellent means to protect against the inevitable bumps and bruises which will occur within a normal dining room. You are therefore able to enjoy a reliable sense of longevity as well as one-of-a-kind style. This rectangular dining table can be used as a family centrepiece while it is just as suited as an additional unit if you plan on inviting guests to your home. Your high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis are happy to address any additional questions. Please note that this is a speciality item. Delivery times will normally take between four and six weeks.

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