There are many instances when run-of-the-mill solutions for the home or office simply will not suffice. In terms of a standard desk, you may need to negotiate challenging dimensions or to address for a flexible sense of storage space. The unique design of this high-gloss model is the ideal solution for addressing both of these concerns. Not only is its pure white design capable of addressing the design requirements associated with a rather minimalist environment, but this very same purist appeal is well suited if you have been concerned about coordination with nearby accessories. However, the real genius can be seen in how it has been engineered.

Cleverly Original

The most attractive aspect of this desk can be found in a standalone swivel mechanism which can be adjusted in order to suit the needs of the individual in question. This is also an excellent innovation if the desk needs to be placed within a corner or shared with another coworker. This feature is then accented with four drawers, a built-in cupboard and additional shelving so that everyday items can be immediately accessed when required.

Built for Modern Requirements

This white high-gloss desk manufactured by Asko has nonetheless been engineered with longevity in mind. Thanks to its finish, the unit can easily be cleaned when needed. A width of 108 centimetres is likewise ideal for smaller offices or libraries within the home. Either way, you will be undoubtedly pleased with what is in store. Feel free to contact a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis so learn more or to place an order today.

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