Beautiful ChandelierBeautiful Chandelier

Whether you wish your home to reflect the grandeur of the Palace of Versailles or you you have been looking to adorn a specific room with a sense of class, this highly detailed crystalline chandelier leaves little to the imagination. Envisioned and created by the artisans at Dallas, this unique example of classical elegance boasts an amazing aesthetic appeal. As it is also equipped with six lights, there is no doubt that even the largest of rooms will be properly illuminated during dinners and similar gatherings.

An Innate Sense of Flexibility

One of the most interesting qualities regarding this chandelier is that you can choose from three different crystalline tones. Purists can opt for clear glass in order to fully accentuate the angled crystal beads. Smoked glass will provide a rather subdued hue; the ideal solution if you desire a soft visual accent. You might instead prefer amber, as this is a great way to add a sense of organic warmth to any environment. Either way, this flexibility is rarely seen in similar contemporary pieces.

Amenable Dimensions for the Modern Home

While there is no doubt that the classical appeal of this chandelier cannot be overstated, an overall height of 60 centimetres ensures that is should be able to fit within the majority of rooms without your home. Whether used as a centrepiece for a dining room or intended to impress guests when they enter into a foyer, this chandelier will not disappoint. To learn about this amazing chandelier and many other elegant accessories for your home, please contact a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis.

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