High Gloss Tables

Many interior designers observe that it is often the smallest of items within a room that are able to make the biggest impacts. This statement certainly holds true when we take a look at these truly sublime circular wooden tables. Boasting a combination of wooden tones and a high-gloss black or white finish, such a synergy will work well within nearly any environment.

Putting the Warmth Back Into a Room

One of the reasons that Chic Paradis chose to employ the use of wood grain tops is that they can imbue a sense of visual warmth into an environment. This is a excellent way to break up what may otherwise have been a decidedly monochromatic ambiance. The realistic wooden grains on their tops are also able to be cleaned with ease; always a concern for the busier home.

For Your Needs

Another massive advantage is that there are three tables included within this single set. With heights of 37, 47 and 57 centimetres, these objects are suited for a wide variety of needs. From end tables and plant holders or even when used as simple ornamental pieces, these items are just as beautiful as they are functional. They are available in either white or black; further accentuating the versatility of these units. If you have been searching to make a big impact within any room while not taking up too much space, this set of three tables is an ideal choice.

At Chic Paradis, our high-gloss furniture specialists have addressed even the most discrete details. You can therefore expect to enjoy nothing but the very best in terms of contemporary furniture.

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