Whether you are a dedicated Anglophile or you are simply looking for a unique and artistic way to tell the time within your home, this Big Ben wall clock offered by Chic Paradis will make an ideal addition. Slightly mirroring the bespoke style of Andy Warhol due to its bold tones and shapes, even those who are unfamiliar with art in general will fall in love with its proud appearance. It can easily be paired with other furniture items although it is just as comfortable being placed as a standalone fixture within any room. Convenient dimensions of 40 by 60 centimetres will provide you with a flexible edge when deciding where it should be located.

An International Flavour

You might be surprised to learn that this iconic example of British history is actually designed and manufactured in Italy by highly trained artisans. The attention to detail is phenomenal and this clock can be seamlessly integrated with other contemporary items throughout your home. The use of bold black and white tones along with a splash of red likewise ensure that its patterns will not clash with other nearby items; always a concern for the fashion-conscious individual.

One Step Closer to London

This clock can also make an excellent gift item if you have a friend who has recently returned from London. Not only will it leave a lasting impression, but the handcrafted nature of its design ensures that no two are ever alike. Fans of English architecture and contemporary aficionados will equally appreciate what is in store.

Please note that this clock may take up to one month to be delivered. This is why it is a good idea to contact a high-gloss furniture professional at Chic Paradis to place your order as soon as possible. We will be pleased to answer any additional questions that you may have.

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