Generic cupboards have gone the way of the dinosaur. While such units might be perfectly acceptable within Victorian homes, they certainly have no place when referring to contemporary environments. Have you been looking to liven up the atmosphere? Are you hoping to add a luminous quality to a specific room while still enjoying a surprising amount of storage space? These are only two of the numerous requirements that this high-gloss display unit designed by Jasoni can provide.

Let There be Light

One of the most attractive features of this upright cupboard is the inclusion of LED mood lighting. Not only will this provide a sense of visual depth, but it can accentuate any items which you choose to place within its tempered glass display case. The inclusion of simulated wood grain between these partitions adds a nice organic touch that can serve to break up the existing visual space. A high-gloss white veneer serves to further define the decidedly light and airy personality of this quality display cabinet.

A Distinguished Flavour of Functionality

The Italian artisans who initially conceptualised this piece made it a point to address the requirements of the modern home. Not only is the unit provided with a durable lacquer finish, but it is exceedingly easy to clean. Whether you are attracted to its undeniably elegant presence or you hope to compliment existing items within a room, this display cupboard will not disappoint. Please note that it is possible to combine this cabinet with other products from the Jasoni collection. Should you like to learn more about the additional benefits of this one-of-a-kind piece or if you wish to place an order, please speak with a high-gloss furniture expert at Chic Paradis.

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