It can often be difficult to encounter an office chair which provides an ergonomic design alongside aesthetic beauty. In many cases, consumers will be forced to sacrifice one for the other. However, the professionals at Chic Paradis believe that comfort and style should always enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship. This is why you will be quite pleased with what this unique configuration has to offer. Crafted from ecologically sourced leather and fully adjustable, this chair will make the perfect addition to your office, man cave or gaming room. Whether you have been suffering from back pain or you are simply tired of generic options, there is no doubt that this unit aims to please.

A Racy Feel with Comfort in Mind

Engineered to last and built with modern requirements in mind, this chair employs colour and style to create a one-of-a-kind experience. While the associated ergonomics are indeed important, the designers have not skimped on its visual appeal. This has been accomplished through the use of form-fitting dimensions alongside hues of black, white and red. Such tones provide a sense of balance while conveying the fact that the owner appreciates how style can impact the nearby environment.

It is just as prudent to highlight how this chair has been designed to provide a superior sense of relaxation when seated for lengthy periods of time. Firm lower lumbar support, five swivelling castor wheels and padded armrests are perfectly suited for office work, gaming and everything in between. The height of this unit can likewise be adjusted between 48 and 58 centimetres; important when used in conjunction with other furniture.

If you would like to order yours today, feel free to contact a high-gloss furniture expert at Chic Paradis. Those who value their comfort will love what this chair has in store.

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