What are some of the main concerns involving remaining at a desk for lengthy periods of time? Whether referring to the modern office worker or the gaming aficionado, one of the most important metrics is comfort. Unfortunately, very few out-of-the-box chairs deliver on such promises. This is why those are looking for superior levels of quality and ergonomics will often turn to Chic Paradis for their requirements. Not only does this office chair offer unsurpassed levels of lumbar support, but it boasts a soft and organic appeal.

When Only the Best Will Suffice

The fact that this high-quality office chair was manufactured by Wizard is perfectly appropriate, as its futuristic design is undoubtedly associated with a certain level of ergonomic magic. A high backrest, an adjustable height and extra side padding will ensure that comfort remains king. It is therefore quite surprising to learn that the designers have included all of these amenities within a surprisingly affordable package. This chair is therefore a great option for those who are looking for comfort and style while adhering to a limited budget.

Organic and Inviting

The black and brown tones associated with this chair are great for the office as well as the living room. It can easily move from place to place thanks to five study castor wheels and the height can be adjusted between 108 and 118 centimetres. It is therefore suited for both men and women

If you would like to learn more about this chair or other bespoke accessories, please feel free to speak with one of the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis today.

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