It is often said that the presence of a striking painting can make or break the overall appeal of a room. If you are looking to add a standalone flavour of modernity to your home, this selection of wall art conceptualised and realised by Blaise should never be overlooked. Although ideally suited for the contemporary home, this painting exhibits a distinctly 1950s edge. The visually attractive patterns located within its confines will further entrance onlookers and one does not have to possess the eye of an art aficionado to appreciate talent at first glance.

Adding a Personal Element to the Creation Process

The majority of modern wall art has become rather generic in terms of the associated images and designs. As we live within the era of mass manufacturing, the average piece lacks any real sense of individuality. However, the inclusion of hand-rendered gold leaf within this art signifies that you are receiving an entirely unique item. If you are not a fan of bland and so-called "cookie cutter" art, this painting certainly deserves a closer look.

Quality when Quality Counts

This example of wall art offered solely by Chic Paradis exemplifies the notion that modern homes require nothing but the best in terms of quality and flexibility. If you would like to learn more about even more home accessories, please feel free to browse through our website in greater detail. You can alternatively speak with a high-gloss specialist at Chic Paradis to place an order today, as deliveries can take up to four weeks.

Take a look.