Add Some Sparkle Into Your Life

This set of three Annora mirrors is an excellent way to imbue any room with a bit of much-needed sparkle. Whether you are looking to add to a traditional decor or you desire a welcome addition to a more contemporary atmosphere, the subdued gold tone of these mirrors will not disappoint. These items are also part of the Christmas Shop offered a Chic Paradis, so they are able to make the perfect gift during this holiday season.

Classical Sophistication

One of the most alluring aspects of these three mirrors is that while they exhibit an ornate edging, they are still muted enough to be placed within any room of the home. Their plate-like appearance can be a welcome addition to your kitchen while their bespoke metallic design will work quite well when paired with any other high-gloss items within a living room or a bathroom. The three different sizes afford a sense of balance within smaller spaces while their reflective qualities can add the illusion of space to a smaller environment.

A Delicate and Yet Bold Taste

While the professionals at Chic Paradis are indeed your high-gloss furniture specialists, let us never forget that the same scintillating qualities provided by our selection is just as visible within this three-piece mirror set. The delicate aesthetics of this collection have been seamlessly balanced with a bold flavour that is certain to turn heads within any room. These Annora pale gold mirrors are an outstanding choice during this holiday season for anyone who takes pride in their home and wishes to display their unique sense of taste to others.

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