Space Saving High Gloss Table

Space saving furniture is difficult to address when searching for quality and yet visually appealing dining room sets. The experts at Chic Paradis have taken this feature into account when designing this amazingly utilitarian collection. The Gracie Space-Saving Stowaway dining room set is fully equipped with a round table and four chairs. However, there is much more than meets the eye in terms of its functionality. Each chair is able to be fitted directly underneath the table. As the chairs themselves match the contour of the overall circumference, an exact fit is now possible. Such compact storage capacity enables this set to be placed within a diminutive dining area and indeed any room that is bereft of space.

Superior Simplicity

The high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis are fully aware that visual appeal must always be taken into consideration. This dining room set is available in a number of different combinations of black and white. Therefore, the customer can always choose the scheme that is the most appropriate for his or her décor requirements. Still, a table that is no less than 120 centimetres in diameter can easily accommodate the needs of four individuals during any gathering. A solid wood construction guarantees superior durability over time while the gloss finish virtually eliminates the presence of stains and similar discolourations.

Please have a further look at this original piece as well as the countless other items which can only be found through Chic Paradis. In terms of space-saving style, there is perhaps no better option than this modern dining set.

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