Romantic At Heart

Chic Paradis is proud to be able to offer this truly one-of-a-kind piece. For anyone who has been looking to add a scintillating punctuation to a room, these silver and gold heart-shaped stools are the perfect choices. While suited to be placed into a corner as a slight accent, these stools are just as able the be centrepiece of what will certainly prove to be a memorable environment.

Romance with an Edge

As opposed to offering traditional colours such as pink or red, the metallic flavours of these stools set them apart from their more generic counterparts. Silver and gold hues are excellent to catch the eye of an onlooker while such choices tend to reflect a sense of sublime luxury. This allows the pieces to be perfect for a contemporary setting while they are just as appropriate for those who may be hoping to embrace a more modern appeal.

More Than Looks Alone…

While Chic Paradis are respected high-gloss furniture specialists, we should never fail to mention that these silver and gold units are built to last. They are constructed of quality materials and each has been crafted with the true touch of an artist. Studded details on the shimmering upper cushion add a bit of extra flair and of course, the levels of comfort to be experienced cannot be overstated. We are therefore quite proud to have been able to embrace a synergy of comfort and visual beauty within a single piece.

These heart-shaped stools can be paired with similar items such as a matching bench set or mirror. Please feel free to browse through our extensive collection; you will not be disappointed.

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