Vases were at one time considered to represent the centrepieces of many Italian homes. Whether set upon the dinner table as a source of olive oil or placed near a windowsill to catch sunlight, these vases were both beautiful and functional. You can now enjoy the best of both worlds thanks to the subdued allure of this modern replica. Created by the artisans at Berdine, this large vase offers a relaxed and yet entirely singular personality; a great option if you have been looking to compliment the existing decor within your home.

Sleek and Elegant

Muted white and blue tones partially define the appearance of this vase and they work quite well together to create a sense of balance. Still, the spout is slightly offset from the centre; providing a standalone touch that is not present within standard designs. It is glazed with a high-gloss ceramic finish, so the vase will easily catch the ambient light from any room or nearby window. A height of 40 centimetres will allow this accessory to appear just as impressive on a dining room table as if it were instead placed within a display case. Of course, the choice is always yours.

Please note that one vase is supplied per request, so feel free to choose more than one if you hope to add a touch of soft beauty to more than a single room. Should you like to place an order of if you have additional questions, a high-gloss furniture specialist at Chic Paradis is always standing by.

Take a look.