Grandeur And Chic Style Bedroom

This king-sized French bed frame is a perfect example of how the term “shabby chic” has entered into our mainstream culture. Slightly mirroring the grandeur seen centuries earlier in a decidedly subtle manner, the ornately designed headboards and foot boards truly are fit for a king (or a queen, for that matter). As it is 200 centimetres long and no less than 180 centimetres wide, this antique-style bed is able to provide a remarkably spacious sense of comfort.

Soft and Delicate

While the dimensions of this unit are quite large, it should be pointed out that its distressed white finish provides a soft and subdued appearance. It is therefore able to blend into nearly any existing bedroom decor with ease. As it is often the tiniest of details that can make the most pronounced differences, raised inlays can be found on both the headboard and the foot board. Our high-gloss furniture specialists recommend this splendid example of modern design for anyone who has been looking for a bit of regal comfort within their home.

A Clean Appearance

One of the benefits of antique white is that it can make any room feel spacious and free. Thus, this bed frame is ideal for smaller rooms. It can also be paired with similarly styled end tables, cabinets and dressers. Chic Paradis is likewise able to offer such options. Still, the rather Baroque lines that are incorporated within its design do indeed speak for themselves. This unit is just as capable the be employed as a standalone item.

Should you be interested to learn more details in regards to this stunning example of shabby chic furniture, please do not hesitate to contact us at Chic Paradis at your convenience.

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