Sophisticated Dining 

A dining room is certainly the focal point of any home. It only stands to reason that the most stylish and demure creations be chosen. Those who have been searching for an elegant and yet functional piece of furniture will be enthralled with this high-gloss dining table manufactured by Asper. Mirroring a minimalistic appeal, luxury is impeccably reflected in every angle and surface.

Purity for an Unforgettable Dining Experience

The high-gloss white finish exhibited in this piece will make a perfect addition to any room. It is particularly suited for smaller areas where the illusion of space is required. However, the ability to comfortably seat up to 12 guests is ideal for larger locations. The white sheen is also quite easy to clean and this unit will offer years of use with little maintenance.

More Than Meets the Eye

One striking aspect of this table is that it can be adjusted to lengths of either two or three metres. Thanks to the use of fitted extensions, accommodating the needs of larger groups is no longer a concern. These pieces can simply be removed for a more personal dining experience. Each is stored within its very own compartment found on either side of the table. When not required, they can simply be tucked away for the future. This marriage of style and convenience is hardly seen in the average table.

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