Take Dining To Another Level

Boasting a graceful and yet powerful visual appeal, this Orion high-gloss white dining table is truly a one-of-a-kind item. While there is no doubt that the piece offers s slightly futuristic appeal, it is perfectly capable of complimenting any existing temporary décor. A tempered glass top in black ensures for an undoubtedly memorable dining experience while cleaning the surface is quick and easy. However, the functionality of this table is only one of the advantages to appreciate.

Embracing a Sense of Singularity

Silently exuding a sense of personality, the legs of this table are slightly angled inwards. This provides a welcome departure from a more traditional design. The table can be purchased alone or the customer has the option to include four matching chairs. These chairs are available in either black or white. This is a great way to further accent the “clean” appeal of the table itself. Perfect for a smaller room, the set will certainly become the centrepiece of what may otherwise be a rather mundane dining atmosphere.

Mixing and Matching

Black and white are two tones which can provide a nearly universal appeal. They can be seamlessly integrated within any environment and yet, such muted shades will never overpower surrounding items. It should also be mentioned that this dining room table can be used in synergy with other pieces created by Orion such as side units and coffee tables.

This is only one example of the turnkey decorating solutions provided by the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis. Anyone with discerning tastes will be pleasantly surprised at what such a distinctive table has in store.

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