The modern office is often associated with a rather strict and stifled environment. This observation is even more relevant when referring to the innumerable amount of generic office chairs on the market. Why should diligent workers be forced to sacrifice comfort for efficiency? The designers at Michael seem to have addressed this quandary thanks to the sleek and sophisticated design of this stylish professional chair. Boasting superior levels of ergonomic support with an aesthetic edge, this unit is ideally suited for the modern workplace.

Subdued, Stylish and Sophisticated

These traits often reflect the modern professional, so it only makes sense that they were included during the manufacture of this office chair. Its clean white design will work well with other accessories while a high-gloss chrome base and armrest add just the right amount of elegance. Five castor wheels ensure that mobility will not present a problem and as should be expected, the height of the chair can be easily adjusted in order to accommodate different requirements.

These features are then further accentuated thanks to the presence of high-quality imitation leather that is highlighted with a ribbed effect. The leather is easy to clean and quite durable, so the average employee or manager can expect to enjoy years of unfettered use.

Designed with Modern Needs in Mind

This elegant office chair is ideally suited for any professional atmosphere and like many of the items offered solely through the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis, its style will not disappoint. Please have a further look and be sure to secure yours today.

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