High gloss vanity unitWonderful Wall Clock

Telling Time with a Twist: High-End Contemporary Wall Clock Do you feel that it is "time" for a change? If so, the glossy allure associated with this high-quality Italian wall clock will make a perfect addition within any environment. While the functional nature of this accessory cannot be denied, the real appeal arises from its unique design. Boasting a minimalist flavour, the clock will offer up an understated and yet extremely attractive presence within the home.

Post-Modern Beauty

One of the most predominant trends within the interior design sector is to equip a room with bold and balanced accessories. This wall clock is a perfect example of such a synergy. A zebra-patterned chrome finish is also a very subtle touch and it contrasts nicely with the thin hands of this timekeeper. A white border likewise provides a gentle way to break up the high-gloss shine of its centre. It should also be pointed out that this clock has been designed with neutral tones, so the unit can be mixed and matched with other elements that might be present.

A Small Clock with a Large Impact

Another unique feature of this piece is that it measures 35 by 35 centimetres. This allows it to be large enough to be easily read while still small enough not to overwhelm a room. As should be expected, the clock is made from high-quality materials and engineered to last. If you have been looking to make a "timeless" statement, why not speak with one of the high-gloss furniture specialists at Chic Paradis?

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