The Christmas Shop Part 1

Time does indeed fly and once again, the holiday season is upon us. Chic Paradis is your one-stop shop for truly unique gift items and there is still time to select a truly stunning present for a friend or a loved one. What are a handful of the items that you can encounter in our online Christmas shop?

Natural Splendour

One excellent idea to lend a sense of majestic scintillation to any room is this stylised antler wall mirror. This is a particularly excellent idea for the holidays; the silver antlers around its circumference silently echo the raw beauty associated with winter months.

An Elegant Christmas Dinner

Christmas is one of the few times of the year when families come together to share merriment and joy. During a sumptuous dinner, why not draw attention to your sense of elegance with these two beautiful black and silver vases? Their high-gloss black necks are punctuated by a speckled silver base; ideal for both traditional and contemporary settings.

Oh, Christmas Tree…

Adding a bit of colourful elegance to your tree could not be simpler thanks to these stylised hanging Christmas decorations. Although their rich purple hue will compliment other ornaments, let us not forget that these accessories are indeed perfect for the home during any time of the year.

For the Gaming Aficionado

Our luxury high-gloss black chess set is a great gift for anyone who is a fan of this game. Its silver and gold pieces wonderfully compliment the black and white board below. “Luxury chess” has now become a reality.

As time is limited, be sure to check the delivery dates on specific products. The professionals at Chic Paradis are your high-gloss furniture specialists and these are only a few examples of what awaits within our online Christmas store.