Dine With Gracie High-Gloss Table

This Gracie high-gloss table can make the perfect addition for any home that wishes to espouse a chic and avant garde personality. Available in striking colours of either white or black, its bold design and minimalistic feel work quite well together. A height of no less than 75 centimetres adds a slimming appeal to this piece while its tempered glass top boast a sense of openness; ideal for those who may be considering such a table as an addition for a small room.

Sleek and Modern

This table reflects the very same streamlined appeal that is found within many of the other bespoke pieces offered by Chic Paradis. High-gloss furniture specialists will agree that this table is able to embrace a truly contemporary flavour while not detracting from other objects within an environment. This modern sense of home fashion is further accentuated with its monochromatic hue; such tones will never clash with other nearby colours.

Numerous Uses

The Gracie high-gloss table is also quite functional. It can be used as a standalone piece in a foyer or entranceway while it is just as capable of being present in conjunction with other objects that may very well further compliment its presence. Whether desired as a serving table or simply as a means to add a bit of contemporary flair to a home, this unit is indeed an impressive option. Let us also remember that as this table can combined with a matching sideboard of gloss table, it is clear to appreciate the benefits offered. Please do not hesitate to further browse this and other bespoke furniture items offered only through Chic Paradis.

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