Top Picks For 2016 Part 1

As the new year is now upon us, you are likely wondering which items can make a lasting impression in the months ahead. Chic Paradis are your high-gloss furniture specialists and you will be quite pleased with what we have in store. How can you leave a lasting impression during 2016?

The Allure Fab Wall Light

This fixture is perfect for anyone who desires a bit of sparkle in their home during the remaining winter months. The Allure Fab wall light boasts dangling metallic tubes; easily casting a dazzling sheen throughout any room. Boasting a truly contemporary appeal, this wall-mounted light is ideal to be paired with other high-gloss furniture or mirrors offered through Chic Paradis.

The Manta Spanish-Made Side Table

The striking simplicity of this side table is a perfect addition to any bedroom. Of course, the same mirror-like finish of this unit lends a further sense of luxury. Keeping coordination in mind, you have a choice of countless colour options. There is even the possibility to incorporate two different tones within the same unit; a great idea to match the existing décor of your environment.

The Alessia High-Gloss Black-and-White Office Desk

Why not bring a bit of style back into the office during 2016 and beyond? This desk is a magnificent example of a sleek functionality. A swivelling side arm offers you personalised seating options while soft-close drawers and its two-tone appearance exude taste and modernity.

These are but three of the bespoke furniture additions which can be only found through Chic Paradis. 2016 does indeed look to be an unforgettable year!