Top Picks For 2016 Part 2

Just as in 2015, Chic Paradis is your one-stop online shop for only the most exquisite and stunning high-gloss furniture. If you are looking to embrace bespoke sophistication this year, we are pleased to be of service. Let us look at some of the top picks for 2016 and beyond.

The Rota Modern Contemporary Wall Clock

Bold and beautiful only begin to describe the stunning appeal of this contemporary wall clock. Fashioned from silver foil and a metallic frame, its offset centre will undoubtedly catch the eye of the beholder. Its glossy finish can likewise be paired with similar items found at Chic Paradis. When it is “time” for a change, this amazing unit should not be missed.

The Apple Gloss Green or Red Modern Sculpture

With spring only months away, these amazingly lifelike apple sculptures are ideally suited for equally high-gloss furniture such as a kitchen table. Standing at a full 35 centimetres tall, the apples come in a choice of green or red. Whether you hope to add a bit of colour to a monochromatic backdrop or you wish to compliment similar tones within a room, such objects will certainly become the “apple” of your eye.

The Amon High-Gloss Black or White Coffee Table

The distinctive x-frame supporting a tempered glass top enables this coffee table to be perfect if you desire a simple and yet delicate appeal. The base is available in black and white while a length of 1.1 metres can accommodate nearly any room.

Look no further than Chic Paradis for your high-gloss furniture specialist needs. Starting off the new year in style could not be easier.